3D creative designer with over seven years experience in the live event industry.
Designing brand and themed environments, experiential activations, stage sets and much more.

Hello, my name is Davy Provo and as you just read in the blue bar above I am a 3D Creative designer at heart. Having worked at several UK and Dutch agencies as a freelance 3D designer and being Skilled in Concept development, Design thinking, Sketching, Pitching and Winning, Vectorworks, Cinema 4D and Adobe CC. I’m comfortable working in any stage of the creative proces.

Way of work



Wether it’s creating a concept from scratch or working with what’s already there, I’ll nurture the concept into keynote slides, cohesive moodboards and sketches to tell the story.



Love this bit, I’ll dive in and make sure everything has its place by creating floor plans in Vectorworks. Create accurate 3D sketches with textures in Cinema 4D as discussion points for internal meetings or keeping the client up to date. All for the greater good of the project.

Have the design rules already been set and you need someone to run with it? All of the above applies.



You have the concept, you have the design, and the client wants to see it all come together? I’ll whack everything into Cinema 4D and make lovely 3D renders that are modeled in the venue. I’ll talk with your technical production team and add in the correct lighting to make the visuals sparkle and your clients will sign off quicker then you can say: 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'

If you would like to see my portfolio, please get in touch!

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